Tammy’s Story

Security and Safety

When asked what brought Tammy to seek a relationship with Habitat for Humanity, safety and security for her family was what came to her mind. With the news of her husband’s terminal illness weighing on her shoulders, she knew that taking this step to pursue a secure and safe place for her and her family was imperative.

Leaving a Legacy

Even with Brendan’s illness, he played an active role in building the house he would leave his wife and family in. Throughout the house, you will find pieces of him, leaving his legacy to live on throughout the house. What Brendan was not able to accomplish before passing, Habitat was able to incorporate aspects of his plans so that Tammy and her children could find comfort in this time of grieving.

More than Just a Contractual Relationship

For Tammy, the processes of becoming a Habitat for Humanity partner family was so much more than a contractual relationship. She recalls the days after her husband’s passing and the support the Habitat offered her. It is more than a professional relationship when you are surrounded by love and support in ways that go above and beyond the organization’s description.

The home buying process, although difficult at times, gave Tammy and her family a new start and the safety and security that she always wanted for her children.

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