Paul’s Story

A Father’s Dream for His Family

A father’s dream is to provide for his children; to have a home where they can grow and flourish. For many, this comes at a price. Paul and his family can’t remember a time in the past where they weren’t struggling to find affordable housing. The pressures of work and living expenses left instability in their lives, causing them to move constantly from home to home – province to province. Paul recalls a time when he had to leave his wife and six children in a small cabin in a remote area while he worked hundreds of miles away. He could only hope that the community would help when he was away.

A Community’s Support for a Better Tomorrow

Despite the hardships Paul and his family experienced throughout the years, he warmly recalls the community presence in his family’s lives. Through the support of school teachers, church members and other individuals in their community, Paul was encouraged to learn more about Habitat for Humanity and ultimately, successfully apply for a Habitat home.

Pride in Ownership

While homeownership has its own difficulties, the opportunity of owning his own home through Habitat for Humanity has changed their lives. The process of homeownership through Habitat instilled a real pride; through hours of hard work on his home and investing his time in volunteering at Habitat, Paul is finally able to claim a house as his home. “It changed our lives. We actually had our own home. We had a tough go in the beginning but this pulled us together and got us on track again.”

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, Paul is able to take pride in his home while providing a stable and secure foundation for his children’s futures.


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