Danielle White

Danielle White’s Story

I was working full time and at the time I had three children at  home , my oldest had major health issues since birth.

Rent was half of my household income. I had financial stress and family dynamic stress . I was living pay cheque to pay cheque with the constant worry of how I was going to manage all my financial obligations while raising my young family.
Juggling household bills and expenses, trying to make sure my children had what they needed. I was in a very stressful cycle and I could not see a way out of my struggle.

I was aware of Habitat for Humanity however I thought it was for people in crises in other parts of the world. I was unaware of the good work they do in my own province.

My aunt who sadly is now passed spoke to me about an upcoming build in my community and was adamant that I apply. I thought working full time my family would never be selected.

I try to have a positive outlook on life even though my glass seemed to be always half empty.

After applying for home ownership and going through the process of interviews and references Habitat for Humanity reached out to me and wanted to come to my home to discuss my application . We met in my living room one evening and I braced myself for the “I’m so sorry but you have not been selected. ”

I was in disbelief when they said yes, I was so grateful for the opportunity .

Once the build started reality set in of what a huge life changing event was happening for myself and my children. There was so many volunteers,  family and friends even the children and I got involved. Everyone worked so hard and everyone involved was genuinely happy that they could be a part of the build.

I have stability, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, my family and I have a sense of home , we are happy and take great pride in being a Habitat for Humanity family.

I am a huge believer in promoting Habitat for Humanity and the opportunity that I was blessed with.

My oldest child now hold two degrees and is a high school teacher , his siblings are following in his footsteps for obtaining their post-secondary education. I am a proud mother and a proud Habitat For Humanity home owner. I am forever grateful for the helping hand and the life changing opportunity.


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